Towards a Better Canaan

As anyone who follows the goings-on of the UMC no doubt knows by now a bipartisan group of negotiators representing various advocacy groups across the theological spectrum met with renowned negotiator Kenneth Feinberg to determine if a solution to our great impasse could be reached. Through a series of difficult meetings and tough compromises theContinue reading “Towards a Better Canaan”

Ad Meliora

A young clergy perspective on the separation protocol I’m not exactly what you would call a “cradle Methodist.” I grew up in and out of church and by the time I was preparing to leave home for college I wasn’t sure church was for me. All of that changed at a United Methodist college inContinue reading “Ad Meliora”

A Fresh New Blog

Just a brief post to welcome you to 412 Methodist! I started 412 because I am absolutely committed to the belief that the church needs young voices speaking into our common life. I hope that 412 will be a valuable resource for the church and provide unique insights into our past, present, and future. LookingContinue reading “A Fresh New Blog”

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